Welcome to our English pages!

Welcome to the English Pages of forschungsdaten.info!

Organising, re-using and archiving digital research data is becoming more and more relevant for planning research projects and publishing research output in all scientific disciplines. Therefore, staying up to date on the latest topics and information is crucial.

What we provide

Our English Pages are a service for non-German-speaking researchers based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland/working at research institutions in those countries. On these pages, we have assembled a wealth of information concerning research data management (RDM), focussing on German particularities such as legal issues, funding, guidelines and policies and more.

What we do not provide

A complete translation of the German version of forschungsdaten.info.

Where to find more information in English

For all your other RDM questions and needs, please find a list of English-language websites here in the column on the right.