The State Initiative for Research Data Management in Baden-Württemberg

The State Initiative for Research Data Management in Baden-Württemberg bwFDM is involved in five different areas:

  • Networking with RDM stakeholders in and beyond Baden-Württemberg
  • Coordinating support for the Baden-Württemberg Research Data Strategy
  • Maintaining and further development of the central German-language information platform on research data management
  • Consulting and training on RDM for Baden-Württemberg higher education institutions, e.g. development of an RDM helpdesk BW and an RDM certificate course BW
  • Planning and running the conference series E-Science-Tage

The state initiative‘s activities are not limited to Baden-Württemberg, but also extend beyond it, e.g. through networking activities with the other RDM state initiatives and the NFDI, as well as within the context of‘s editorial board which includes members from Austria and Switzerland. bwFDM builds on and maintains the structures and results of the previous projects bwFDM Communities, bwFDM-Info I, bwFDM-Info II and bw2FDM.

The state initiative‘s aim during the current project period is to expand the networking to further stakeholders, including all types of higher education institutions. All Baden-Württemberg RDM stakeholders should be represented and supported, e.g. through the establishment of bwFDM-AGs, in order to enable transparent cooperation, synergy effects and connection to the NFDI sections.

In the current term, project parts from the predecessor projects are being continued: is being further developed in terms of content and technology. Among other things, the expansion and diversification of the editorial team, the creation of new content such as additional disciple-specific RDM sections and the planned implementation on the entire website in both German and English contribute to the internationalisation and expansion of the information offered.

The upcoming E-Science-Tage will be offered in a hybrid setting to further establish the conference series through increased attractiveness, thus enabling a nationwide exchange of knowledge and experience.

Moreover, the new tasks include the conception and implementation of a certificate course tailored to those interested in RDM in Baden-Württemberg, the development and implementation of an RDM Helpdesk BW and the coordinating support of the implementation of Baden-Württemberg’s future research data strategy with various stakeholders from politics, research and infrastructure.

Like the predecessor projects, the state initiative considers the re-usability of the materials created a paramount objective. Along these lines, materials developed in the context of the initiative’s own offerings are made available as OER for easy re-use.


Institutions Involved

Funding Period & Project Sponsor

01.05.2023 - 31.07.2027

Project sponsor: Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden Württemberg


Sophie G. Habinger, KIM Konstanz & Dr. Cora F. Krömer, KIT-Library (Project coordination)