FAIRmat Seminar with Thomas Schäfer

Donnerstag, 24. November 2022
10 bis 11 Uhr

Berlin and Online

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Thomas Schäfer

The Hubbard model is the paradigmatic model for electronic correlations. In this talk Thomas Schäfer present a general framework for the reliable calculation of its properties, which FAIRmat coined 'multi-method, multi-messenger' approach. He will illustrate the power of this approach with three recent studies: (i) an extensive synopsis of arguably all available finite-temperature methods for the half-filled Hubbard model on a simple square lattice in its weak-coupling regime [1] and (ii) a complementary subset of those applied to the Hubbard model on a triangular geometry [2]. While the former example fully clarifies the impact of spin fluctuations and tracks it footprints on the one- and two-particle level, the latter exhibits the intriguing interplay of geometric frustration (magnetism) and strong correlations (Mottness). As a last example, (iii) he will show the application to a model system for the magnetic properties of an actual material, the infinite layer nickelate compound LaNiO2, whose magnetic susceptibility exhibits non-Curie-Weiss behavior at low temperatures [3,4]. These examples may work as a blueprint for similar future studies of strongly correlated systems.

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