Coffee lecture: FAIR research data management for materials science with NOMAD

Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2023
14 bis 14:30 Uhr


Veranstaltet von
FDM Thüringen

Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:
Markus Scheidgen (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

NOMAD lets you manage and share your materials science data in a way that makes it truly useful to you, your group, and the community. This talk will showcase how to use NOMAD to process your files to extract structured data and rich meta-data as well as find, access, interoperate with, and re-use millions of FAIR data from different codes, sources, and workflows. It will also show how to combine NOMAD and NOMAD Oasis to implement local research data management by giving you full control over your group's data, allowing you to integrate all your data sources, and run your own analysis tools as well as implement long term archival and publish selected data directly from your Oasis to NOMAD.

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