All Hands Meeting BERD@NFDI

20. bis 21. November 2023
11 bis 13 Uhr


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During the conference, we will share updates on the current status, progress, and future goals of BERD@NFDI. We highly value your attendance and participation as we are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas to help us refine our strategies moving forward. We have some great things in store for you, including a showcase of the achievements and successes of BERD, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the project. Also, we will have a Poster Session dedicated to subprojects and initiatives related to BERD topics, giving you the chance to explore the various aspects of our team members' work. We are excited to have a panel discussion to encourage an open dialogue and exchange of ideas among participants. Afterward, we would like to invite you for dinner at the Restaurant "Bobby Reich".

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