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1st virtual conference of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC)

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2022
9 bis 14 Uhr


Veranstaltet von
Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration

Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:

HMC is a platform developing and implementing novel concepts and technologies for a sustainable handling of research data through high-quality metadata within the Helmholtz Association.

The HMC conference 2022 is the perfect platform

  • to get an insight into the latest developments in the field of metadata,
  • to exchange ideas on solutions for generating high-quality metadata, technical solutions and applications,
  • to inform yourself on practical solutions from different research areas,
  • to get an update on the latest developments within HMC, and
  • to network and interact with the Helmholtz metadata community and beyond.

The HMC invites participants to contribute to the conference and present their own metadata project in the poster session. Please submit your abstract until the 31 August 2022 (23:59h CEST). More information on the call for abstracts can be found here.

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